October 27, 2022: Automated Cycle Counting (BETA) Release

A high-level overview of the cycle counting feature release from Ware.

Our latest feature release enables you to automate cycle counting in your facility. With this new feature, you can now command your nested fleet to scan random locations, which enables cycle counting capabilities, such as:

  • A, B, C inventory prioritization
  • Verifying empty locations
  • Verifying putaways
  • Checking inventory based on code dates
  • ... or any other combination of attributes that you can select in your WMS.

In your Ware Cloud account, you can now:

  • Create new Scan Requests for cycle counts
  • Upload a list of any locations you want to scan (.csv)
  • Monitor the status of all requested scans
  • View all flights associated with each cycle count
  • Compare data to your WMS
  • Review mismatches at the tap of a button

Ware Cloud Cycle Count Scan Request

Existing customer? To learn more about this feature in Ware Cloud, please contact support@ware.ai.