Overview: Remotely Deploying Ware

3-Steps to deploying Ware remotely in your facility

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Before beginning your automated inventory flights, there are a few tasks to accomplish. Ware first needs to obtain information about your facility so that it may be configured for automation.

To enhance remote visibility and coordinate effectively, we will invite your main point of contact to collaborate with us on a shared Asana task board. We will assign a clear list of tasks for items that need to be accomplished in order to move forward with the remote deployment.

Step 1

Provide your racking and warehouse dimensions in Ware's template.

Ware uses this information to digitize your facility. We create a digital, 3D map of it in order to accurately correlate images from drones --> to bin locations.


Step 2

Receive Ware hardware and navigation markers. Install the navigation markers on the column uprights.

Install and set up the hardware from Ware. Start with a single aisle and place the handful of stickers in locations on the first row. We'll correlate the sticker placement with our database to tie everything together in the back-end.


Step 3

Conduct your first automated flight and get your inventory report.

Tap a button on an app and watch the drone fly itself, taking pictures of your inventory, and then upload the data to generate your final report.