Flight Checklists

Follow these checklists for successful drone flights


A note on safety: It is the drone operator’s responsibility to ensure that the Ware system is operated in a safe manner at all times. Ensure that the operation of the system does not put any persons or property in danger. Please review the Drone Safety section.



Ensure all equipment is in good working condition and that batteries and mobile devices are charged.

    1. Upload the WMS report to Ware (API or manual via Portal)
    2. Determine which aisle(s) to fly in
    3. Charge all drone batteries to 100%
    4. Charge mobile device battery to 100%
    5. Visually inspect drone’s body and propellers for any damage
    6. Clean all drone camera lenses with the microfiber cloth (as well as the front-facing camera!)


Ware Pilot diagram first flight

The above diagram shows how the launchpad should be aligned prior to your first flight and any observers or onlookers should position themselves outside of the flight area.



  1. Place the launchpad on the warehouse floor and ensure correct placement (with “FRONT” facing towards the racking and aligned with a column navigation tag)
  2. Insert fully charged battery into the drone 
  3. Turn on the drone via the battery button - hold down for 5 seconds and wait for the drone’s lights to turn on
  4. Connect via the Skydio 2 app on your mobile device
  5. Place the drone on the launchpad facing towards the racking
  6. Ensure there are no obstacles in the immediate vicinity of takeoff
  7. Press "Begin Flight" and select the Ware skill
  8. Press and hold the “Takeoff” button in the Skydio 2 app
    1. The drone will start its motors and come to a stationary hover about 6-7 feet above the launchpad
  9. Select the appropriate Ware Profile (if necessary)
  10. Press "Start Scan"
    1. The drone will begin automated data collection
  11. Ensure the safety of any surrounding spectators (including the operator!)



The drone will fly autonomously and avoid hitting any stationary obstacles. The Drone Operator may take control of the drone at any time if the need arises to:

  • Pause the flight
    • The drone will pause in mid-air, wherever it is at that moment. You can resume the flight after pausing. If you need to manually control the drone for any reason (avoiding forklift, etc.), you can do so while paused. Once you resume, the drone will return to the last location and continue on its way.
  • Abort the flight
    • This will cause the skill to stop and the drone will remain in a stationary hover. There should be no reason to use this option unless directed by Ware.
  • Land Immediately
    • This option will persist the entire time throughout the drone's flight. Hold down the land immediately button to safely land the drone directly below its current location. The drone will not return to home / launchpad.




Once the drone completes its flight, it will return back to the launchpad and land automatically.

  1. Ensure the launchpad is clear of any obstacles
  2. The drone will automatically land
  3. Once the drone has landed, close out the Skydio 2 app on the mobile device
    and turn off the mobile device’s WiFi
  4. Power down the drone - press and hold the battery button for 5 seconds until the lights turn off
  5. Gather the launchpad, drone, and all other equipment and return to the Nest.



        Bring all equipment back to the Nest, start charging batteries and devices, and upload the data from the drone to the Nest.

        Note: Never connect the drone’s USB-C port to the NUC’s USB-C port. Only connect the drone's USB-C port to its own charging cable plugged into a standard power outlet.

        1. Connect the Computer (NUC) to the internet via Ethernet or mobile device (if provided)
        2. With the battery still inserted, plug the drone into the wall charger via the power brick
          1. Ensure the drone’s lights power on and the battery indicator light is advancing (not static)
        3. Charge all other batteries with the included dual charger

        This process begins the offload of images from the drone’s SD card to the NUC at the Nest, which will then start transferring the images of your inventory to Ware’s servers.

        To charge the drone's batteries separately, use the included drone dual battery charger (if applicable).


        Reach out to Ware if you have any issues with operating your drone or connecting your hardware!