How To: Force reload Ware Skills in the Skydio app

Learn how to manually reload Ware Skill updates

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Sometimes Ware may ask you to force re-check for Ware Skill updates in the Skydio 2 app. Below is a guide to help accomplish this.


1. Ensure the drone is off

2. Turn on your mobile device

3. Ensure the mobile device is connected to your facility’s WiFi or LTE

4. Open the Skydio 2 app on your mobile device

5. Tap on “INFO” on the bottom right

6. Scroll down until you see "Email"

7. Press and hold on “Email” for 2 seconds until a menu pops up

8. Press "OK" and the menu will close

9. Power ON the drone

10. Reconnect your mobile device to the drone’s WiFi (not the facility’s wifi) by taping the large blue “WiFi Settings” button on the Skydio app

On Android, this will open the WiFi menu.

Select and connect to the network with "Skydio2-XXXX" in the name.

11. Return to the Skydio app.


The Ware Skill should now be updated. Please verify with the Ware team. You can also verify by proceeding with the flight sequence (Begin Flight) and checking if the Ware Skill Scan is an option.