How To: Forced Landing Event Procedures


Sometimes the drone will stop mid-flight and land immediately. In order to diagnose the issue, Ware will ask you to follow the Forced Landing Event Procedures listed below.


  1. After the event occurs (Drone mid-flight, red flashing light):
    1. Power OFF the Drone and REMOVE the battery
    2. Power OFF the NUC (nest) to ensure drone does not delete logs
      1. Ware will adjust settings on NUC to upload the flight log(s)
    3. When instructed by Ware, power the NUC and drone back ON
  2. Provide the following information to Ware:
    1. Drone Name
    2. Drone Serial
    3. Associated NUC Name (if known)
    4. Battery Serial
    5. Timestamp of flight where event occurred
  3. Get the logs to Skydio through their system - easiest for Skydio to investigate:
    1. Open the Skydio 2 app and connect to the Skydio vehicle WiFi network as you would normally.
    2. Tap Info (in the lower right corner of the app).
    3. Tap Flight Logs.
    4. Tap Upload Single Flight.
    5. Select your most recent Skydio 2 flight that best illustrates the issue and follow the steps provided in the app.

 Confirm with Ware that the Drone and NUC are able to fly again after the above steps are complete.