Installing Navigation Markers

How to install Navigation Markers on your pallet racking

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Column Marker Installation

Column marker labels are in numbered, fan-folded stacks, one stack per aisle rack. Each label is pre-assigned to a specific column between two bays in a rack.  Refer to the column marker spreadsheet for marker assignments.


Each stack starts with a title label that identifies the aisle rack where the stack should be installed and its orientation within the warehouse map:

The title label is followed by marker labels that should be applied to assigned rack columns:

  • The two numbers on the left, separated by a dash, is the marker number:
    • In the above example, the marker number is 75 - 213
  • The cross-hair in the exact middle of the label is the point to measure from the floor, after applying the label on a column. This is the actual marker height.


The column marker spreadsheet provides the location to install each marker label. The LeftLocation is the lowest level bin location to the left of the marker’s column. The RightLocation is the lowest level bin location to the right of the marker’s column. The assigned marker number is under MarkerNum. The marker Height starts at 0 (inches off the ground) to be updated after marker installation.


The spreadsheet provides, per rack,  an ordered list of column locations with matching marker numbers. For example:


The order of labels in each stack should be the same as their order in the spreadsheet. Markers are installed on each rack from the left side of the rack to the right side of the rack.


For serpentine labeled racks where both racks across an aisle have the same Rack name, labels are still installed per rack (on one side of the aisle). The Orientation of each pair of serpentine racks will be different (Left vs Right, or Top vs Bottom), but the LeftLocation and RightLocation are the best references for identifying which rack to install the markers on.


Installation summary: Install markers then update the spreadsheet.

  • Markers should be applied at a height between 5 - 7 feet above the ground.
  • The initial Height in the spreadsheet is a placeholder to be replaced with the actual measured height from the floor.


Installation Details

In many cases, the ideal location is just above the first beam connector above the floor. If the location above the beam connector is not available, pick a location between 5 to 7 feet above the ground. Apply the labels vertically, straight up and down, centered on the column.


The markers do not have to align horizontally across all the columns in the rack, but if they are consistently applied, it will be easier to measure their heights from the ground for updating the spreadsheet.

First: Install each marker on its assigned column, per the marker spreadsheet

  • Use the stack of markers assigned to the rack
  • Start at the left side, facing the rack
  • Find the column in the spreadsheet for the first marker, in between:
    LeftLocation & RightLocation
  • Peel and place the first marker on its assigned column
  • Measure the distance from the floor to the center of the marker
  • Continue down the rack, installing markers on their assigned columns and making measurements


The rack below shows the placement of the first three markers in the example marker spreadsheet:


Measure heights from the floor to the center of each marker:


Second: Update the marker heights in the Ware portal

  • Access Marker installation in the Ware Portal from the zone’s Mapping button:
  • Click on the Markers button to list all the racks in the zone:
    • If all or most of the markers were installed at the same height, enter this measurement in the “Common marker height” box and click on Set all same height to auto-fill each marker with the common measurement.
    • Then update the markers that were installed at different heights
    • When finished with the rack, click Submit markers to save
    • Optionally filter the list displayed racks by name:
    • Click on the Add height for … link for each rack and enter the measured marker heights for each marker in the popup:

Final step: notify Ware when the markers are installed and the marker heights are updated