January 20, 2023: Metrics Dashboard (Phase One) Release

A high-level overview of the new metrics dashboard feature release from Ware.

Ware Cloud now provides an enhanced dashboard to help you quickly understand key inventory tracking metrics. 

Your unique facility dashboard will show you: 

  • your ROI
  • number of locations scanned
  • total mismatches from the scanned locations
  • total number of items that have been resolved 

You can filter from date ranges or by specific aisles in your facility to get a further breakdown on:

  • your average inventory accuracy (matched vs. mismatched inventory)
  • inventory by issue type such as:
    • unexpected LPNs
    • LPN not detected
    • unexpected SKU
    • SKU not detected
    • multiple LPNs
  • top five aisles with issues (where the most mismatches are being found)
  • location scan man-hour savings
  • inventory resolution (inventory issues resolved vs. not resolved over time)
  • misplaced inventory recovery (number of items identified as misplaced)

Want to know more about how this new feature works? Contact support@ware.ai