Rack Mapping Instructions

View in-depth instructions on how to map the pallet racking in your facility

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Mapping measurements must be collected and processed prior to inventory flight scans.



Rack components

  • Racks are pallet racks
  • A rack is a contiguously connected set of bays and optional tunnels
  • A bay is one section of a rack that is a vertical stack of shelves or pallet beams connected on the left and right to rack columns, also called uprights
  • Each beam/shelf in a bay is called a level, including the floor if it is used for pallet storage
    • The pallet storage over tunnels are also levels
    • Each level has a unique name, which can be letter(s) or number(s)
    • Different bays may have different level names
  • Each level in a bay is divided into 1 or more locations called bin locations (aka pallet positions)
    • Each bin location should correspond to a pallet storage location in the WMS

Rack measurements

All measurements must be done in inches or centimetres. Fractional measurements up to 3 decimal digits are allowed. For example, an eighth of an inch can be measured as 0.125" or a quarter of a centimetre can be measured as 0.25 cm.

The following diagram shows the measurements needed for each rack:

Locating (mapping) racks within a warehouse

Because GPS doesn’t work indoors, the locations of each rack within the warehouse must be mapped by using measurements along the floor.


To keep it simple, a permanent, immovable reference point is selected in the warehouse, from which measurements are made to the anchor corner of each rack.


One anchor corner is needed per rack, either on the leftmost or rightmost side of the rack as you face it. Both corners shown below, select the corner that is easiest to measure to:


Every rack is assigned an orientation: left, right, top or bottom, based on its alignment relative to the X and Y directions from the reference point. This is shown below:


Measurements from the warehouse reference point to rack anchor corners are shown below:



Demo flights in one aisle such as Aisle A above can use the left oriented rack's back corner opposite the anchor corner as the warehouse reference point.

If A-102's rack depth is 42 inches and the aisle width is 12 feet (144 inches), then the anchor corner measurements of the two facing racks would be as follows:

  • Rack A-102 anchor corner measurements are X: 42, Y: 0
  • Rack A-101 anchor corner measurements are X: 186, Y: 0