Drone Safety

Familiarize yourself with best practices for operating drones in warehouses safely


A note on safety: It is the drone operator’s responsibility to ensure that the Ware system is operated in a safe manner at all times. Always ensure that the operation of the system does not put any persons or property in danger. Please review this Drone Safety section in its entirety. 

Safety Guidelines

Everything here is important! Please read carefully.

If applicable to your facility, ensure the drone operations area is clearly cordoned off and demarcated so that no non-involved persons or vehicles can enter the operations area at any time.

Alert and communicate with all personnel inside of the facility that there will be a drone flight operation taking place in the area of operations.

Prior to every flight, perform a visual inspection of the aircraft to ensure that the aircraft and propellers are undamaged and in working condition. Wipe the drone’s navigation cameras clean with the cleaning cloth as needed.

Prior to takeoff, ensure the takeoff and landing areas are clear of any obstacles both horizontally and vertically. Ensure there is adequate space and a safety buffer zone of at least 10 feet from the drone to any personnel.

Ware Drone Safety Image copy

We recommend closing off both ends of an aisle before and during flight to ensure that non-involved personnel do not wander into the flight path of the drone on foot or on a vehicle.

Drone flight pattern

The drone flies a predictable pattern and avoids stationary obstacles (racking, columns, supports, etc) but it is useful to understand its tendencies before you fly:

Ware Drone Flight Pattern Diagram

  1. Drone takes off vertically from its Launch Pad and hovers at its starting point
  2. Drone flies to its RIGHT in a vertical lawnmower pattern
  3. Drone returns to its starting point
  4. Drone flies to its LEFT in a vertical lawnmower pattern
  5. Drone returns to its starting point
  6. Drone executes a 180-degree spin so that it faces the opposite side of the aisle
  7. Drone flies to its LEFT in a vertical lawnmower pattern
  8. Drone returns to its starting point
  9. Drone flies to its RIGHT in a vertical lawnmower pattern
  10. Drone returns to its starting point and LANDS on the Launch Pad


The above image depicts a visualization of the drone's vertical lawnmower flight pattern. The number of up-and-down sections will vary based on the racking configuration.


Ware Pilot diagram first flight

The above diagram depicts where to align the launchpad in the aisle and where flight observers and onlookers should stand. This drawing is not to-scale.


Additional safety guidelines and knowledge can be acquired from the Skydio website.

Please note that the content on this page is not a substitute for your judgment and common sense as an operator when using your Ware drone system. The operator is solely responsible for assuring their drone flights are managed safely and in accordance with all facility-specific operations criteria.