Help with troubleshooting a variety of Ware integration items, hardware, and software

Rest State of Hardware

Rest State is the state of the system (drone, NUC, etc.) while not actively flying or operating the drone. The hardware should be connected in a specific way in order to correctly charge the batteries, offload / upload data, and be available for system updates. 



The NUC should always be powered on and connected to electricity (regardless of whether or not the drone is flying). If your NUC is connected via Ethernet, then it will also already have access to the internet. The state of the NUC in this scenario will remain untouched throughout the duration of the Ware service unless instructed otherwise.

If your NUC requires a phone tether for the internet, then the NUC will lose access while flying the drone. Follow the steps below to ensure proper connection:

  1. After you are done a flight session, power down the drone and close out the Skydio 2 app on your mobile device.
  2. If you are using the phone's data plan for upload, turn off the wifi.
  3. If you are using the facility's wifi, be sure to connect on the phone prior to plugging into the NUC.
  4. Plug the phone (USB C) into the NUC (USB A) with the provided cable.
  5. On the phone, double-check that the "USB Tethering turned on" message is persisting. 


Whenever the drone is not being used to capture data (flying the racking), it should be kept in its rest state. In order to ensure the drone is in the rest state, be sure of the following:

  • Plugged into power (with provided Skydio 2 charging cable and brick) via the USB C insert on the back side of the drone.
  • Battery is inserted into the drone at all times. The only times the battery should be taken out is when you are swapping batteries during a flight session or putting the drone intothe carrying case for long-term storage / shipping.
  • After plugging the drone into power, all 3 lights (2 on front, 1 on back) of the drone should turn on. The battery indicator light should also start to flash progressively as it charges. If the battery light is static (not moving), then the drone is not in the correct state! Power cycle the drone if this occurs.

Power Cycling the Drone - sometimes the drone needs to be reset due to not charging correctly, system updates, etc.  In order to power cycle the drone, complete the following:

  1. If the drone is already plugged into power (via cable / brick into wall outlet), unplug the drone.
  2. Once the drone is unplugged from power with a battery still inserted, power the drone down (if necessary). Hold down the battery indicator light for 5 seconds until the lights turn off. 
  3. Even if the drone was already powered off, take out the battery for a couple of seconds and insert it back into the drone.
  4. Once the drone battery has been inserted back in, plug the drone back into the power.
  5. The drone's lights should turn on and the battery indicator lights should start to march. 

Connecting the NUC to Internet (Ethernet or Tethered)

Ware NUC's need to have internet access in order to speak remotely with Ware servers for configuration and data transfer to generate inventory reports.


Wired Ethernet is the best option for connecting the NUC to the internet. The NUC's WiFi chip is reserved for communicating with the drone. 

If you're having trouble with getting the NUC connected to the internet via Ethernet, make sure of the following:

  • The Ethernet port that you connect to the NUC has an active Ethernet connection.
  • The lights on the NUC's Ethernet port should blink when there is an active connection.
  • If the Ethernet port that the NUC is connected to is behind a proxy or firewall, it may be impossible for Ware to remotely connect to the NUC. We recommend working with the IT department to assist with and verify connectivity.



Tethered via Phone is a secondary option for connecting the NUC to the internet. In this scenario, a phone (provided by Ware) would be used to tether the internet to the NUC via a physical cable. 

If you're having trouble with getting the NUC connected to the internet via Phone Tether, make sure of the following:

  • The phone is plugged into the NUC via the provided USB A to USB C cable.
  • The wifi on the phone should either be OFF or connected to the facility's wifi. Be sure the wifi is NOT connected to the drone!
  • The phone should have a notification that indicates "USB Tethering turned on".

If you are still running into issues connecting, it is best solved by resetting the NUC and phone to try again.