September 14, 2022: Ware Cloud Release - Enhanced Data Views

Enhanced data views for Inventory and Inspection pages within Ware Cloud.

Review inventory counts quicker, better understand mismatches and where your misplaced pallets are, and resolve issues faster all within the same view.

Here's a list of what's new: 

Inventory Page Overhaul

  • Consolidated views
  • Quickly update statuses within the table view
  • Multi-deep support
  • Export data by filtered views
  • Improved search functionality by Location and LPNs
  • Identify misplaced pallets faster
  • Exceptions renamed as "mismatches"
  • Page defaults to show mismatches first
  • View more data on one page 

Ware Cloud Inventory Page New UI

Streamlined Inspection Page

  • One view to see your scanned locations and all items captured
  • Upload additional WMS data as needed
  • Visually understand TiHi from captured images
  • See time stamps for when your WMS was last updated

Ware Cloud Inspection page New UI